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Jersey’s For Sale Registration Form

Please use the form below to enter your information. It is $6 per submission. One ad per cow per submission. Do not combine ‘herds” or multiple cows for sale in one submission or your post will be rejected and your ad fee will be refunded.  The more information you provide the better your ad will produce. Images are required for each posting. Please upload only high resolution images.

Please note that your information is never sold, traded.  Your email address will be cloaked and guarded from spammers and will only be used for potential buyers to contact you via a contact form. Your State will be shown but never your address. Your address is for billing purposes only. 

Your posting will be valid for 30 calendar days and shared on our social platforms one time. Your ad will be live immediately after payment and submission of this form. If you have any questions regarding your ad, please contact us at