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Raw A2 Milk and Jersey Cattle

Welcome to the Jersey Milk Cow website! We’re dedicated to providing all the information you need about Jersey Cattle, Mini Jersey Cattle Breeds, Raw A2/A2 milk, homesteading and much more. We love our Jersey milk cows and want to share our excitement for this breed with others. 

What’s so special about Jersey cattle?

What’s so special about Jersey cattle? Pretty much everything. They yield up to six gallons of butterfat milk daily, which is a perk if you like to consume raw dairy milk products. Best of all, even people with dairy allergies can drink raw Jersey cow milk because Jersey milk cows produce A2/A2 raw milk. 

Jersey cattle are some of the best pets you can have on your homestead. Jersey cows not only produce some of the richest, creamiest, healthiest raw milk around, but they also are pretty darn adorable. Their small stature, doe-like eyes, and curious demeanor make them hard to resist. 

Where do Jersey cattle come from?

Jersey cattle originated from the adjacent coast of France in the English Channel on the Island of Jersey. They are one of three Channel Island cattle breeds along with Alderney and Guernsey. Since arriving in America in 1657, they’ve become beloved pets and dairy cows for discerning homesteaders.

How to learn more about Jersey cattle

Jersey Milk Cow wants to share its excitement for and knowledge of Jersey cattle with our readers. Check out our blogs to learn more about this amazing breed. Don’t want to miss new information the minute it’s available on our site? Scroll to the bottom of the page and opt into our mailing list. 

Happy homesteading!