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Hi fellow homesteaders! My name is Brandon. I live on a small family homestead with my amazing wife and five kiddos. We are on a journey to improve our lives through God’s creation. Raising cows is an important part of that journey. We currently have one Jersey cow and are hoping to soon expand our Jersey family with the help of a bull named Ferdinand. We welcome you to join us as we explore the benefits of owning Jersey cows. Whether you are raising them for milk or meat, our website is chock full of helpful facts and advice to make the experience more enjoyable. Take a tour and drop us a note with any questions. Cheers! Brandon

Your Complete Guide to Jersey Milk Cows

Jersey milk cows are amazing creatures. They produce some of the most nutritious – and tasty – raw milk in existence. That’s the number one reason most jersey milk cow fanatics love them. They also make excellent pets because they are docile and friendly...

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