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Best Milking Machines for Jersey Milk Cows

Owning a Jersey milk cow means you get access to the most delicious and nutritious raw milk available. Getting your hands on one of the best milking machines for jersey milk cows can make your job easier. Trust me when I say that milking by hand hurts, especially if you have more than one Jersey cow. Milking the recommended two times daily also can be more time-consuming if you do it by hand.

Most modern milking machines make quick and efficient work of your daily milking chores. They also protect your Jersey cattle from udder injuries and help ensure your milk supply is more sanitary.

Finding the best milking machine to meet your needs isn’t difficult when you know how to sort through the options to find the best option that meets your budget. In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • How much does a milking machine cost?
  • What are the types of milking methods?
  • What are the types of milking machines?
  • What are the top picks for the best milking machines?

How much does a milking machine cost?

The short answer to how much a milking machine costs is it depends on several factors. You can get a basic milking machine for your Jersey milk cow, or if your budget permits, you can go all out on a top-of-the-line model. Most milking machines get the basic job done of extracting the milk from your dairy cow safely.

Keep in mind you’re not using the same kind of milking machines found at commercial dairy farms that can have up to 100 cows to milk each day. They pay up to $200,000 for a robotic milking machine that can handle 50 to 70 cows at the same time. Homesteaders with fewer than 10 Jersey milk cows can get a high-quality, portable milking machine and all necessary accessories for between $1,500 and $2,500.   

best milking machines beat milking by hand
Milking your Jersey cow by hand can be painful for you and your cow if you don’t do it correctly. Using the best milking machine for Jersey milk cows can speed up the process and make it more pleasant for you and the cow.

What are the types of milking methods?

There are only two ways you can milk your Jersey milk cow or any other dairy cattle. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s review each type so you know your options.

Hand milking

You can use a stripping or full-hand method when milking by hand. One isn’t necessarily better or more efficient than the other. It comes down to a matter of preference for the person milking the cow. As I mentioned earlier, hand milking can be painful for you, especially if you have more than one dairy cow on your homestead.

We tried hand milking for a while here before realizing it slowed us down and was painfully unnecessary. Now, we use a portable milking machine that makes us – and our Jersey milk cow – happier.

Machine milking

If quickly and efficiently milking your Jersey milk cow is a priority, then you’ll want to use the machine milking method. Most homesteaders with more than one cow already use portable milking machines for faster milking, and to protect their cows’ udders from injuries that can happen during hand milking.

Milking machines perform two basic functions:

  • They open the udder’s streak canal by using a partial vacuum that allows the milk to flow from the teat into a receiving container.
  • They massage the teat to prevent blood and lymph congestion in the teat.
Most portable milking machines use suction to keep the pressure even and comfortable for your Jersey milk cow.

What are the types of milking machines?

There are three types of milking machines: barn milking systems, portable milking systems, and milking parlors. Only two of these systems work well for homesteaders with a few Jersey milk cows or other dairy cattle. Milking parlors generally are reserved for commercial farms that must milk more than 100 cows at once.

Barn milking systems

Barn milking systems can be found on homesteads with 20 or more Jersey milk cows or other dairy cattle. These static systems are designed to be used in individual stalls, where cows are kept during milking. Unless you have a larger homestead, a barn milking system is more than you need.

Portable milking systems

Most homesteaders with one or two Jersey milk cows use portable milking systems. They’re a convenient and efficient way to milk your cows safely. Portable milking systems like the one we use come with all the accessories you need to get the job done.

best milking machines for jersey cows
You can choose from several models of portable milking machines to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Top picks for best milking machines

Some of the best milking machines for Jersey milk cows can be found online and at local agricultural centers and retail outlets. Here are some of our top picks for the best milking machines for homesteaders.

  1. Popsport Electric Milking Machine
    If you’re new to homesteading and are still learning the ropes, milking your Jersey cow can feel intimidating. This portable milking machine makes learning to milk your dairy cattle easy with its simple structure and small auxiliary power system. It uses a timer to control the pump so both you and your Jersey milk cow are comfortable during milking.

  2. Simple Pulse Basic Milking System
    This is one of the best portable milking systems out there. We use it on our homestead with excellent results. Simple to set up and use, it’s certainly more efficient than milking by hand. Jesse and Cristen Sullivan, the creators of the Simple Pulse system, are willing to answer any questions you have about using their product.

    Instructional video links with tips for basic instruction of the milking system to the best way to clean and sterilize your equipment after each use are available on their website.

  3. Techtongda Electric Milking Machine
    If improving milking sanitation practices is a priority for you, then consider this portable milking machine from Techtongda. The entire process is conducted in closed pipes, reducing the risk of milk contamination. It’s also gentle on your cow’s udders, using vacuum suction with a fixed milking rhythm. Reducing adverse stimulation decreases your cow’s chances of developing bovine mastitis.

    If your homestead has a few goats in addition to your Jersey milk cows, this machine can accommodate both. With its even milking speed, it can help increase your cow’s milk yield.

  4. Vevor Electric Milking Machine
    Ideal for homesteaders with up to 12 cows, this portable milking machine comes with a 25-liter 304 stainless steel bucket for safe storage of your raw milk during the milking process. One of its most helpful features is its timer-controlled pump, which works like a pulsator, so your Jersey milk cows don’t have to tolerate constant air pressure during pumping. You can go through the set-up, milking, and clean-up processes within 30 to 45 minutes when using this system. So, if you have more than one cow to milk, it can make the work go much faster.

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