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Hi there! I'm Kelsey! I am a wife, a mother and homesteader. I'm also a Certified Natural Health Practitioner so health is very important to me. I love to help people with their health journey. A HUGE part of that process is through high quality milk. I am a massive proponent of rich, high quality milk from Jersey Cows.
cow halter

Does My Jersey Need a Cow Halter?

Owning a cow halter (or two) is always a good idea when you have a Jersey cow on your homestead. Some Jersey cattle owners firmly believe in halter training them from the time they are calves. Opinions differ on whether it is easier to halter train...

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mini-Jersey cattle

Full vs. Mini Jersey Cattle

Mini Jersey cattle are a great investment. Homesteaders interested in buying a dairy milk cow should consider this breed. Jersey cattle are a convenient source of raw milk. You can drink their milk or turn it into other delicious milk products like...

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drinking raw milk

Can You Die From Drinking Raw Milk?

Drinking raw milk has its benefits. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t have our own Jersey cow here on our homestead. Raw Jersey milk literally saved my life. So, obviously, I am a huge proponent of including it as part of a healthy diet. That doesn’t mean...

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raw milk easy ice cream

Homemade Ice Cream Made Easy

Homemade ice cream – especially when made from raw Jersey cow milk – is an amazing treat any time of year. My kids frequently ask to make it because it is tasty and easy to prepare. You do not need an ice cream machine or any other fancy (and expensive)...

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