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Hi there! I'm Kelsey! I am a wife, a mother and homesteader. I'm also a Certified Natural Health Practitioner so health is very important to me. I love to help people with their health journey. A HUGE part of that process is through high quality milk. I am a massive proponent of rich, high quality milk from Jersey Cows.
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5 Ways to Enjoy A2 Raw Milk

Fewer things in life are more satisfying than dipping a home-baked cookie into a tall glass of A2 raw milk. Thankfully, we have a jersey milk cow on our homestead, so we get to enjoy A2 raw milk frequently. We don’t just dip our cookies in it, either....

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Best Cow Feed for Jersey Milk Cows

Jersey milk cows produce some of the tastiest and most nutritious raw milk available to homesteaders. If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now, you’ve probably noticed I mention this tidbit a lot. It’s an important detail to bring up because...

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A2 milk

A1 vs. A2 Milk: What’s the Difference?

A2 milk does not look any different than A1 milk when placed side-by-side. To the uninitiated, one looks just as good as the other. While they may appear similar, there is a marked difference that can mean the difference between enjoying a tall glass...

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cow halter

Does My Jersey Need a Cow Halter?

Owning a cow halter (or two) is always a good idea when you have a Jersey cow on your homestead. Some Jersey cattle owners firmly believe in halter training them from the time they are calves. Opinions differ on whether it is easier to halter train...

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